Meet The Staff

Jade Premo 406-208-6617
Job Title:
I am the new guy here at Hertz but you can bet I haven’t been treated like one! The staff here has welcomed me in with open arms. Everyday I come to work, the environment is such a positive and uplifting atmosphere! The most important thing to us is customer service and building ever lasting relationships with our customers! I have lived majority of my life in Billings, MT however I did graduate from a tiny town called Sunburst, MT in Northern Montana. Graduating class of 17 kids, so I have experienced both city life as well as rural Montana life. I love sports so don’t hesitate to bring up sports the next time you see me, I also love building memories with my family and friends. I am extremely personable and will be the first person to put my hand out to meet new people and build a connection! I am thankful to have the opportunity to work for a company that has a ‘top notch’ reputation around Montana! My phone is always available so please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me at anytime!!